PS-Core Planning Engineer

PS-Core Planning Engineer

Job Description

-Capacity management to in order to ensure core network is ready for future -Update the traffic model of core network in related areas to provide input for planning purpose -Control and double check PS core configurations before implementation -Integration, System Acceptance Testing (SAT) and engineering support for PS Core elements -Performance monitoring of Network to make sure that the planned PS services are performing correctly -Work with other departments to solve/ improve and provide solution based on their requirement, have effective communication with departments for performing plans -Designing new marketing scenarios based on PCRF functionality in the network and Analyze business requirement to provide solution for new policies (APNs, Rating Groups, Layer7 Rules) -Root cause analysis of escalated issues or problems and find the best solution to resolve it -Support creation, change and deletion of all APNs and check their service and delivery to operations


-B.Sc. in Electronic/Telecom Engineering or any other Engineering related fields -5 years’ experience in 3G and LTE technologies / Minimum of 3 years’ experience in PS core domain -Familiar with 3G and 4G Core network -Ideal Age Range: 25 - 35 -Fluent in English

This position is no longer available.

About Company

500 employees or more

RighTel has been awarded the 3rd mobile operator license and would launch the 3rd generation (3G) mobile services for the first time in Iran. Having been established in 2007, The company is a subsidiary of the Social Security Investment Company (SSIC), the investment company of the Social Security Organization (SSO), the largest non government investment company in Iran. With a great ambition, disciplined programming, professional management as well as allocation of highly skilled personnel, RighTel is heading towards launching a state of the art project which is unique in quality and scale all across Middle East region.

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