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Project Planning & Control Expert

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Job Description

1. To Planning Projects, develop and update the WBS, tasks, and deliverables. 2. To Control scope, time, cost and resources in order to continuously update the project plans. 3. To provide the project team members with 'what to do' lists. 4. To prepare weekly reports to the manager and prepare project status and analytic reports about progress and delay in project level. 5. To create, control and maintain project documents and libraries. 6. To implementation of quality control methodology. 7. To continuous improvement of Documents quality. 8. To analysis Business needs and requirement and defining business goals. 9. To identify, develop and evaluate Business strategies and analyze business performance in correspondence with the objectives of the firm, market fluctuations and shareholders vision. 10. To Strategic Planning and Annual Planning for firm's business Through Portfolios, Programs and Projects.


General Status: 1. At least, 2 years of experience in managing IT and research projects. 2. 30 years old at most. 3. Full Time Attendance. 4. English language Fluency (Intermediate and Upper.( 5. Good communication and Presentation skills and Splendid Teamwork Abilities. 6. Ability to carry out tasks independently and active. 7. Ability to work to deadlines, under pressure and willingness to put extra hours in, when needed. Specific Status: 1. BSc/MSc in industrial Engineering/Industrial Management from top universities. 2. Excellent knowledge in Portfolio, Program and Project Management. 3. Excellent knowledge in Project Planning and Control concepts, techniques and tools. 4. Excellent knowledge in PMBOK is highly demanded. 5. Experienced in Planning and Controls Research Projects and ICT projects environments. 6. Well experienced in Microsoft Project (MSP) and Microsoft Project Server. 7. Advanced skills in working with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. 8. Familiarity with Agile concepts, techniques and tools. 9. Familiarity with Strategic Planning and implementation concepts, techniques and tools such as SWOT and etc.