Project Expert Tehran Chemie Pharmaceutical Company

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Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

-Planning and coordinating affairs to determine the scope of the project -Participation in the project team in order to analyze the structure of the failure of project activities -Deploying and using software MSP to prepare and set up a project charter that contains the project's basic information -Preparation and adjustment of the outline and the project development curve based on agreed time and resources -Participation and collaboration in evaluating the failure structure of project activities (WBS) based on the contract and work items approved by regulatory agencies in order to plan the monitoring process of the contractor's activities -Provide and set up a list of technical and executive issues in order to inform the supervisor of the workshop in order to try to resolve them more quickly -Preparing and scheduling monthly plans for existing materials and sending them to the employer for review and implementation -Continuous updating of scheduling and project information in order to use efficient data and provide reports with the least possible mistake -Define procedure/processes for project controlling and reporting. (Project status report regarding technical, financial and qualitative targets, acceptance, open issues and milestone trends)


-Bachelor's and Master's Degree in the field of Engineering (Electrical-Mechanical-Construction & Civil Engineering) -Master in related disciplines Candidate must be computer -Proficient with Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, MSP, LSP, Carrier -Near vision, Time management skills -Excellent written and oral communication skills -Listening skills and Being honest -Inductive and deductive reasoning -Reporting skills- Careful comment -Energetic, creative, educable, and having teamwork spirit -Ideal Age Range: 25 - 32