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Program Controller

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Job Description

-The Program Controller is responsible of financial aspects for one or several programs. He ensures the data reliability in line with process and finance program golden rules, and the optimization of the programs' profitability and cash. The main missions of the role are to: -Ensure program controlling procedures and Golden Rules compliance -Ensure program controlling procedure mandatory implementation -Alert line manager & functional manager in case of discrepancies -Check material rates & exchange rate alignment with Budget -Check Plant PMT/Budget P&L alignment with Program BP P&L -Check ECR/ECO cost incorporation in product/upfront cost -Check Inflation (Labor, others’) hypothesis compliance vs PMT’. -Secure business plan and customer (offer & LOI) /supplier contractual offer consistency -Secure BP consistency with payment terms/amount for Tooling, D&D, Piece price, raw material update, Volume update, Exchange Rate’s. -Secure LTA hypothesis in supplier and customer contract -Secure Legal & Tax (VAT) applicable conditions for tooling -Support, under program manager authority, selected profitability improvement actions -Support fully the Program Manager in all financial impacts investigations to help driving the program profitability towards target -Provide Make or Buy financial analysis -Participate in the sourcing committee -Provide ECR/ECO full cost view & propose financial driven potential selling price -Highlight Program Cash status and provide recommendation to the management -Monitor Program Cash Curve at any time & communicate it towards Core team -Propose action plan in order to achieve cash Target -Challenge upfront level in term of cost as well as payment method: -Capex: Reuse and Usage of available capacities -Reduce payment terms for ECR/ECO upfront cost (cash, short term PPA) -Secure tooling & -Provide and secure R&D controlling inputs -Check hours booked by cost center & functions to the program on monthly basis -Check technical/work progress versus expenses -Check opened & closed Work Package -Participate to budget preparation (hours & expenses forecast / program) -Built R&D line (core team) in P&L program Budget -Provide capitalization booking data for the related program -Lead costing team activities and secure business plan update processes in time -Participate to BP schedule & organize costing data flow upstream -Organize R&Opp financial backing (cost and so on) -Provide program financial communication towards core team, management and plants involved -Update BP & bridge the gap between releases -Prepare Forecast/Budget/PMT inputs (PPA, costs, selling price, cash) -Provide loss to completion inputs for the related program -Provide monthly (at least quarterly) financial inputs for the program dashboard -Transfer gradually business plan cost data source to plants from Gate 2 -Communicate & Share program standard cost view to plant -Validate/Follow up startup costs & convergence plan -Validate/Follow up plant budget for SOP year -Participate to program post audit at gate 4


-Business School or Engineering background with a Finance degree or Master’s Degree in Finance -Minimum 2/3 years of experience in an industrial environment including a first controlling experience at plant level -Ability to provide qualitative and reliable information, and to work on a project management basis -Ability to manage uncertainty -Demonstrated good communication skills and autonomy -Ideal Age: 25 - 40 -Fluent in English