Production Planning Expert - Eyvanekey

Production Planning Expert - Eyvanekey

Job Description

- Run scheduling and forecasting of standard time and product manufacturing - Supervising and controlling inventory and inventory control system and determining the ordering point and minimum inventory, entry and exit, product turnover, coding, layout, handling, warehousing, delivery and, in general, monitoring of the quality assessment of items in stock - Manage the ordering of orders and extract orders for materials and parts needed and coordinate with the unit - Controlling and monitoring the production line balances and timing and timing related to different methods of determining the standard time - Preparation of various reports of its analysis - Make timely changes to the production schedules for timely delivery of products to the customer - Check logistics information and feasibility of capacity and transfer it to the organization - Work place: Eyvanekey industrial park (km 55 of Khavaran road)


- B.A or M.A degree in Industrial Engineering or Industrial Management - Work experience: Minimum 2 years work experience - Familiarity with production planning - Introduction to process management - Introduction to Strategic Planning - Introduction to the principles of warehousing - Introduction to the foundations of the 5S system - Introduction to Quality Management Systems (ISO9001) - Certified in measuring work and timing - Full proficiency in EXCEL software - Ability to manage time - Ability to learn fast - Ability to coordinate - Ability to negotiate - The ability to think critically - Ability to track issues - Ability to do teamwork - High flexibility - Creative - The ability to solve the problem - Ability to work in hard conditions - Ability to communicate effectively (with other organizational units) - Age: 25 to 35 years old

This position is no longer available.

About Company

100-499 employees

Gol Asay Sarma co., ltd, established in 1997, in field of manufacturer, which home appliance, specially household refrigerator and freezer under name of Depoint. The production capacity is 100,000 units per year, with around 200 persons. It is produced more than 7 different household refrigerator and freezer currently. There is an active research and development center which design all parts of products. The products distribute in all over the country, and there is an active CRM center to support products. Recently succeeded to produce a Twin Refrigerator-Freezer with luxury design, which is very successful in our local market. Quality of products is priority of company.

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