Production Manager

Production Manager

Job Description

-Supervising the review, preparation of daily and periodic production reports, ongoing orders -Analysis of production data in order to check the compliance of production operations with planning -Supervising and deciding on the right use of labor and equipment to achieve the goals set in production and increase efficiency -Feasibility and production capacity assessment -Creating ways to produce more efficiently by using the latest technologies or new work processes -Implementation of production plans of new product, improvement of product quality and quality enhancement of production processes -Diagnose production problems (waste, delays, errors, manufacturing defects and reversals and fixes)


-At least 15 years’ management experiences in relevant industries -Familiarity with production processes in Cast Extrusion, Lamination, Backsheet & industry -Knowledge of production quality standards -Familiarity with health and safety issues -Domination on production processes -Ability to manage human resources -Excellent communication skill -Able to plan Operations -Good negotiation skill -Project management -Problem solving skill -Crisis Management -Time management -Leadership ability -Gender Preference: Male -Ideal Age Range: 36 - 55

About Company

100-499 employees

SLZ is a famous, innovative and pioneer company in printing and packaging technologies, has founded in 2003. The aim of SLZ is to accomplish the customers’ requirements. We strive to capitalize on the latest technological advances in the industry and to comply with global standards, because customer satisfaction and coming up with solutions that give them a real market advantage are our greatest incentives. Today, SLZ delivers a truly unique, high quality service to its customers by embracing and enhancing professional knowledge throughout all production processes and services, establishing quality standards based on target management, utilizing state-of-the-art technology for print and film production, focusing on workforce safety, protecting the environment by minimizing waste and maximizing quality through recovery and recycling, Supporting and developing the maintenance unit so that ...

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