Production Manager

Production Manager

Job Description

Objective of the role: Because this company has EUGMP consult-er & start to by production equipment from European country to archive EUGMP certificate, therefor we need technical person that know production machines & equipment, respect & implement EUGMP & Iran MOH rules. . List of responsibilities: 1- Control the line of production. 2- Implement & do cGMP in the production line. 3- Handel workers at the policy of cGMP. 4- Respect & do the order of top manager & responsible pharmacist Reporting to: Senior Operation Manager, responsible pharmacist. Subordinates: 25-30 workers & their supervisions. Length of Probation Period: 1 month. Working hours: Saturday to wens day 7:00AM to 16:00 PM .maybe we need over time. Travel requirements: may be for FAT of machines need to go to for foreign country... Commission / Bonus / Benefits: will have EUGMP training .participate in FAT & SAT...


University Qualifications: MA of chemistry. Other certifications obtained: cGMP training. Nature and length of previous experience: at least 5 years in the field of pharmaceutical company. Specialist knowledge: GMP, know raw & finish products & packaging materials. ICDL. Soft Skills and Personality traits: good in English language, team work skills, willing to learn, respect to hierarchy, communicate with workers.

About Company

50-99 employees

Ofogh Pharma is a private pharmaceutical manufacturing company .Its partners are several international pharmaceutical companies.

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