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Production Engineer - Qazvin

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Job Description

4.1- To ensure that the production plant of the panel continues its production in accordance with the planning, and to make necessary preventive maintenance plans, to implement and to control, in order to prevent malfunctions and unplanned downtime. 4.2- To follow the quality processes effectively, 4.3- To know the mission, vision and quality policies of the company and to provide the personnel to be responsible, 4.4- To ensure coordination between all personnel working in panel production, 4.5- To identify bottlenecks in production, to carry out improvement works in order to eliminate bottlenecks, 4.6- To ensure coordination and control within the enterprises in order to take measures to prevent deviations from the program and to ensure continuity of production by following the general flow of production, 4.7- To examine the processes and ensure process controls for the continuity of production in accordance with quality standards. 4.8- To keep the production area, machinery and equipment clean, 4.9- To monitor and control the functioning of the panel shift scheme. Establishing the shift organization in case of permission or report of the personnel and public holidays, 4.10- To determine the training needs of the personnel to be responsible and to provide training 4.11- To follow up the raw materials, auxiliary chemicals and operating consumables and, when necessary, to make a purchase request via SAP, 4.12- Taking part in new investment projects when necessary, 4.13- To follow the fairs, seminars and developments related to the Wood Industry and production processes, to conduct competitive analysis, to provide improvement and development proposals and to design feasible ones, 4.14- To have a quality awareness and to ensure the quality-oriented work of subordinates,


• Good knowledge of English or Turkish • MS Office and ERP programs • Technical drawing programs (Auto cad, etc.) • Strong communication • Graduated from related engineering departments of universities • Have at least 2 years similar work experience