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Product Manager

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Job Description

This job may include marketing, forecasting, and estimating profits and losse. The product manager is often entertained by market analysis and competition conditions, and is planning a vision to create a difference with a unique value added product based on the needs of customers. The role of a product manager is a range of activities ranging from strategy to tactics, which is a multi-responsibility leadership and, in the best of terms, like a bridge, between the operational unit divisions, in particular, engineering-oriented teams, sales, marketing, and peacekeeping.


Has the ability to research, select and drive the process of product development in the organization Ability to identify markets, competitors and the extent of matching products with the business model of the organization Acquaintance with Capillary Sales Acquaintance with cosmetics industry Acquaintance with the Office Guidance and teamwork management (team spirit) Dominating Brand, Sales and Marketing and Marketing Principles Analysis of market competitors Familiar with the principles and techniques of negotiation, planning for holding conferences, seminars, festivals, interviews, visits and other activities necessary in this area.