Process Engineer - Zanjan

Process Engineer - Zanjan

Job Description

-Designs and develops optimized processes for new and established product -Studies, plans, designs, develops and implements improvements to manufacturing capability, methods, throughput, costs, process flow and efficiency -Works closely with design engineers to provide technical support and capability analysis for current and new products -Performs troubleshooting and stabilization of errant processes -Assumes key role in in equipment planning, sourcing, specification, installation and qualification -Champions the continual improvement process -Ensures development and maintenance of critical process documentation -Interfaces with outside equipment, materials and tooling suppliers -Performs other duties and special projects as needed -Provides all the necessary information for the system qualification and if necessary he proposes a testing program to complement the available test records


-Bachelor's degree in Electrical, Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering or similar engineering discipline -Strong mechanical aptitude -Cable Design Knowledge and capability -Substantial experience in process development and improvement of capital-intensive manufacturing cable processes -Previous experience in process/design/quality engineering of data cables or similar products is desirable -Experience in process analysis, troubleshooting, control and documentation -Strong problem-solving skills and ability to facilitate team problem-solving -Solid oral and written communication skills -Strong interpersonal skills; demonstrated skill in cross-functional collaboration -Excellent work habits -Ideal Age Range: 25 - 45

This position is no longer available.

About Company

500 employees or more

Abhar Wire and Cable is a privately owned company established in 1992. With production starting in 1995, the company has rapidly expanded its facilities, overtaking rivals with established several decades ago to become Iran's largest cable manufacturer with an unrivalled product range. The company is by far the most important supplier of cables to Iran's hydrocarbon industry in addition to catering to a large number of other projects. Through the utilization of modern production equipment, the best of Iran's engineering talent and the services of highly experienced European consultants and managers, Abhar Wire and Cable has achieved many firsts in the Iranian cable industry such as the manufacturing of Fire Resistant Zero Halogen cables for Tehran Underground, lead-sheathed cables for the petroleum industry and 132 kV cables for power distribution in Mashad. Abhar Wire and Cable was t...

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