Performance and Productivity Specialist - Amol

Performance and Productivity Specialist - Amol

Job Description

- Following up, coordinating and collecting reports from various technical department and analyzing them for presenting to the technical management for appropriate decisions. - Tracking specific technical department in three key areas: process improvement, capex and machine installation and development - Contributing to the development of specific indicators and performance evaluation criteria for technical department. - Implementing performance appraisal guidelines and completing relevant forms. - Checking completed forms and confirming them based on actual performance. - Following up and performing the performance appraisal of the department in order to provide an analytical report of the results of the evaluation and present it to the superiors at determined times. - Supervising the proper implementation of the performance appraisal programs in the technical department in order to analyze the evaluations carried out and providing the necessary suggestions.


- BS/ MS in industrial engineering from state universities - Being fluent in English language - Hard working, efficient and responsible. - Team working & positive relationship with others. - Analyzing and solving problems ability

About Company

500 employees or more

Solico Group is an alliance of 33 companies with same majority shareholders and almost 14,000 employees. The group is the leading private owned food processing and distribution network that accounts for a major share of the Iranian market with exports to the regional countries such as Iraq, U.A.E., Canada, Oman and CIS countries. Solico Group is specialized in dairy and ice cream with a daily intake of 1.5 million liters of milk, as well as processed meat products, ready and frozen meals with a daily output of 50 tons. The other specialized fields are production of sauces and dressings as well as alcohol free beverages. The group also enjoys the comfort of having its own plant for supply of packaging material. Solico is active in production, distribution and sales of several products such as: - Dairy (Kalleh) - Meat (Amol Meat Kalleh, Tehran Meat Solico) - Ice Cream (Kalleh, R-I...

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