Overseas Sales and Marketing Manager PARSTRONIC

  • Full Time

  • Tehran

      -   Tehran

Posted 4 months ago

Job Description

1. Tracking market and sales trends; and analyzing collected data 2. Collecting and analyzing data of customer needs 3. Collecting and analyzing data of competitors 4. Identifying potential markets and factors affecting product demand 5. Identifying, developing, and evaluating sales and marketing strategies 6. Leading the sales and marketing team in order to achieve the assigned sales and marketing targets 7. Preparing and negotiating details of contracts (warranties, delivery date,) and payments with customers 8. Reporting to CEO


1. Master’s degree in business, marketing, or related fields 2. Minimum 7 years of related work experience 3. High level of English proficiency 4. Self-sufficient and skilled team player 5. Strong communication and negotiation skills 6. Superior problem solving skills 7. Hardworking and interested in working in a High-Tech challenging environment