NDT Expediter Danieli

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Posted 6 months ago

Job Description

- Inspection of steel industry mechanical equipment during manufacturing. - Review and recalculate of Mechanical documents such as Specification, Calculation, Drawing, Datasheet, and Review of vendor proposals. - Participation in technical meeting for engineering issues. - Review and reading all related documents to the inspection prior to performing it. - Carry out evaluation and competence recognition of the supplier before sealing a contract. - Carry out Inspection on the material supply process incoming goods. - Check, preparation, implementation, testing, final inspection and releasing. - Checking the results of the inspections with the client instructions, delivered documentation and acceptance criteria. - Checking samples of produced parts and pieces (Visually and dimensionally) based on the relevant drawings and documents and submit the results in a standard reporting system to the client and the supplier. - Carry out Inspection and give comment about the supplier's machinery and tools related to the production. - Informing the NON-conformity in quality and quantity of products with the relevant instructions and documentation. - Preparation the inspecting checklists for each Head group during and after production. - Preparation the ITP. (Inspection test plan) - Checking the issued inspection documentation for the tasks or the tests which are performed by the third parties based on the relevant ITP. - Reviewing the results and issued documentation related to the performed tests that the supplier has made them. - Checking the drawings, instructions and delivered documents of the client to find the controlling items. - Coordinating the resolving process of a NON-conformity between the client and the supplier. - Checking the NON-conformity reports and proposals issued by the supplier. - Send the acceptable NON-conformity proposals to the client. - Checking the client replies and proposals regarding the issued NON-conformity. - Supervising the proposal implementation according to the client assessment on NON-conformity and reporting the results back to the client.


- Fully experienced in industrial drawings & Geometrical points - At least 3 years working experience in the related field - Relevant experience in steel industries can be an advantage - Candidates must have Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing - Fluent in English and good verbal communication skill - Good interpersonal and negotiation skills ** Working base place will be in Eshtehard Industrial Zone ** Frequent business travel is required