Microsoft SQL Server Expert Asan Pardakht (AP)

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Job Description

• Understand concepts of data models and data layer of enterprise services • Have experience with build and deploy online data processing database systems • Knowledge about database administration routines and best practices in working with data • Expertise in MS SQL server administration and server management in mission critical environments • Knowledge of SQL server features and internal tasks and processes • Can investigate bottlenecks and problems in a live OLTP database service • Can write T-SQL code effortlessly and fluently and design objects needed in every use case • Have experience with systems sizing, capacity assessment and server resource management • Fluent in server performance tuning, execution plans, query optimization and related solutions • Resolve and troubleshoot complex data and operation issues • Write complex on-demand and periodic and pre-planned reports • Know how to automate and manage maintenance and business procedures • Have understanding of root cause of regular issues with SQL server engine and other services • Have knowledge about windows server features, networking, and enterprise storage systems • Ensure compliance of standards and conventions in development playground • Maintain and manage all versions of data for production, testing and development databases • Design, develop and implement and work on integration systems like data warehouses/marts • Be motivate about finding solution, think about problems faced and use every possible solution • Perform and execute ETL operations using SSIS and other third party tools • Know how to prevent potential blocking issues in the manner of design, code writing • understand existing business cases deployed at the company and extend them if needed • Participate in discussion involving the service development and translate comments and requirements to features and code/design accordingly • Be familiar with data mining and BI concepts • Having experience with busy and high traffic systems would be a plus • Having experience in payment/banking industry would be a plus • Having experience with other DBMS in-addition to SQL server would be a plus • Being passionate and positive about enterprise services, databases and people would be a big plus


University qualifications: -BSc in Software engineering Previous experience: -At least 3 years of related experience Soft Skills and Personality traits: -problem solving and team working Skills. -Being a good communicator, both written and spoken. -Having documentation and organizational skills. -analytical thinking Skills. -Being able to plan technical solutions

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