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Marketing Expert

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Job Description

We are seeking a talented marketing mind to focus on following responsibilities according to defined policies: • As a product marketer, you will be responsible for telling the MARKET the story of our products. • As a content creator to write and produce various projects and blog regularly, to expand our company’s digital footprint, awareness, subscribers, and leads. • As an Event designer you will be the creative lead behind all of our online and offline events for our prospects and customers. Primary focuses include execution of an annual plan and ensuring event attendee growth and happiness. • As an inbound marketer to own the majority of the marketing funnel for our company. You will be in charge of attracting site traffic, converting that traffic into new leads for the business, and nurturing to close those leads into customers, the latter of which sales leadership will help you accomplish. The technical issues will be supported by relevant departments • As a customer marketer to focus on the success and growth of our existing customers. You will be our customers’ biggest fan internally and run campaigns to boost their adoption and use of -- as well as their success with -- our product. You will keep them up-to-date on the latest strategies and features as well. Above guidelines will direct your day to day duties as a marketing Expert Including all branding activities, public relations etc.


University Qualifications: MS degree in Marketing management or other related fields . Nature and length of previous experience: At least 5 years of related experience.. Specialist knowledge: Branding, Digital Marketing etc. Age: 27 to 35