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Job Description

Regular work at the workplace and receiving and scheduling a daily work plan.  Initial visit at the beginning of the shift from the production lines and obtaining information on the state of machines and equipment, and the events of the shift before reporting to the superiors.  Checking out machines and machines that are defective and having technical defects and detecting their type and degree of defects with superior alignment.  Applying spare parts and consumables needed for repairs from superiors.  Preparation of tools and tools and implementation and preparation of machines and machinery for necessary repairs.  Carry out mechanical repairs of machines and machinery, replace faulty parts and service, and arrange them and reassemble the equipment repaired with supranational coordination.  Collaboration in cutting, punching, milling and grinding operations in order to build or renovate tools, metal parts and equipment required for welding and plumbing.  To know the problems and obstacles observed to the superiors and to follow up and coordinate them to resolve them.  To carry out the required service of the machines and machineries and to cooperate in the repair and service of the vehicle and the company's lifts.  To maintain and maintain the right equipment and equipment.  Participation in repair and maintenance programs and periodical visits of machinery and equipment lines of production and preventive operations in order to prevent potential failures.  Record the work done during the work shift in the report office forms and provide a report whenever necessary.  To prepare and submit a report on related occupations.  To archive all the relevant documents in the appropriate manner in the designated locations.  Compliance with all regulations and guidelines of the company in the specified cases.  Carrying out other assignments in relation to the job in accordance with the superior order


• Electrician or mechanical engineer with 5 years of work experience in repair planning • Mastering office computer skills in Excel and Aces at advanced levels • Mastering the affairs of P.M Preventive maintenance planning and repair KPIs • Mastering technical affairs of machinery and equipment and technical inspection • Familiar with the industrial parts and their specifications for ordering • Understanding industrial and English cartography and communication skills • Understanding the archives of documentary and notebooks and correspondence skills • Getting familiar with ISO and calibrating equipment

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