Legal & Contracts Responsible Pishro Palayesh Gohar Jonoob

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Legal & Contracts Responsible

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Job Description

- Drafting preliminary contracts. - Review of the text of the contracts, negotiation with the contractor, based on the draft text of the contract. - Preparing the final text of the contracts, interpreting and interpreting the contracts, and commenting about the difference content - Representative, lawyer in legal community - Advice on commercial transactions, claim of responsibility, advised to prosecute or Defending legal cases, or legal rights and obligations. - Analyzing the probable results of cases, by knowledge of rights. - Evaluation of findings and preparation of arguments in preparation for submission of cases to legal community and courts. - Determine the importance of claiming or prosecuting legal data - Gathering of evidence to formulate defense or legal action, by methods of interviews with clients and witnesses to ensure that the facts of a case. - Interpretation of laws, ordinances and regulations for individuals and companies. - Negotiation to resolve civil disputes. - Preparing and drafting legal documents, such as patent, housing loan, Leases and contracts,


- Master's degree in business law, international law, economic law. - At least 7 years' experience - Required professional qualifications - Strong presentation skills - Verbal and interpersonal excellent communication skills - Fluent in English in the field of law and business. - Gender: male