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Posted 4 months ago

Job Description

At Jibit, we are building a leading fintech company that offers advanced and innovative e-payment services to our growing clients. Relying on our great and growing team as well as our access to international investors and know-how, we are well-positioned to establish Jibit as one of the market leaders and tech drivers in Iran and in several other regional markets. We are now seeking an outstanding Legal Counsel to join our team in Tehran and to lead our efforts to build up an efficient and business-oriented legal department. As Legal Counsel for Jibit, you will partner with our business teams and will obtain advanced understanding of the fintech industry based on which you will provide us with a range of legal services with respect to corporate, commercial and regulatory matters. Our transactions are often complicated and a problem-solving attitude along with deep knowledge of and experience in practicing Iranian law will be essential. In fulfilling this advisory task, you will be supported by our external legal counsel. In addition to your advisory services, you will also work closely with our external counsel to develop a roadmap for establishing our in-house legal department, and will lead the implementation of this roadmap. What you will do include: • review, draft, manage and file a range of corporate documents such as minutes of the meetings of the board, board resolutions and shareholders’ resolutions; • apply, manage and maintain all relevant licenses and communicate with the relevant regulators and governmental authorities; • review, draft, negotiate, manage and file a wide range of contracts including commercial, licensing, procurement, employment, joint venture and service agreements; • draft and improve standard form agreements and legal processes to facilitate our rapid growth and scalability; • work closely with our business team to summarize and communicate relevant legal developments such as new fintech laws and regulations, and assist them in devising proper responses to the evolving legal environment; • generally, advise our team about relevant legal contexts, legal issues and legal risks allowing them to make more informed decisions; • devise complex contractual structures and internal policies and procedures to facilitate the business of Jibit; and • manage our litigation files in cooperation, if needed, with our external litigation counsel.


• hold a law degree from a top-tier university in Iran; • hold the license to practice Iranian law; • have at least a combined 3-5 years of experience in corporate and commercial matters; • possess profound understanding of the rules of professionalism for attorneys such as those related to conflict of interest, confidentiality, and honesty; • possess excellent written and verbal communication skills (in Farsi and in English); • have a solid understanding of the role of an in-house legal counsel; • be a team player who also takes initiative; • be able to function efficiently under stress and time constraints; • be a problem-solver with a good understanding of business concerns; and • be looking for continuous learning and professional development. You will have further advantage if you: • have worked in cross-border transactions; • have a background in math, technology and/or finance; • have experience managing a legal team; • have experience in litigation; and • know languages other than English and Farsi.