Junior Data Scientist ( BI Expert & Analytics) Payanehhaye Dadeiee Novin (PDN)

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Junior Data Scientist ( BI Expert & Analytics)

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Job Description

In a data science group, as it is stated in the standards, there are positions which should be taken by data managers, BI experts and data analyst. A data manager in our group works primarily on relational data bases- Microsoft Sql Server mostly- to design DB and DW, trouble shoot, query optimization and tune the performance in as many aspects as possible. Moreover, having any background in NoSQL will be appreciated. As for the BI role, we expect our BI expert to handle ETL, design data warehouses and forecast future needs of a data warehouse in any extent. In addition, the expert should have a great eye for details, visualizing information and designing dash boards with PowerBI, Tableau, Dandas or any other tools. And last but not least, we need to have skilled and hardworking analysts who are well aware of data mining and machine learning algorithms and have good knowledge in statistics. Our data is relatively BIG; thus, candidates may face with questions and/or situations where there are brand new difficulties and obstacles. So make us happy and be prepared.


Requirements for BI position: • TSQL • SSIS • Data Warehouse Design • ETL • SSAS • PowerBI, Tableau, Dandas etc. Requirements for Data Manager position: • Administration • DB, DW Design • Performance Tuning Any knowledge of data mining and python programming will be appreciated. Requirements for Data Scientist position: • Data Mining (Expert) • Experience with (deep) Neural Nets (Advanced) • Probability and Statistics (Advanced) • Experience with Weka, Rapid Miner, Knime, SPSS, Keel (At least one and Advanced) • Programming with Java, Python, Scala (At least one and Advanced) • Any Experience in Graph Processing, Social network Analysis, Web Crawling, Text Mining or Image Processing is a PLUS. • Familiar with Stream Learning, Big data Frame works and analytics. • Ideal Age: At least 22 • Acceptable knowledge of English