Interpretation Geophysicist - Ilam

Job Description

Working in a multi-disciplinary team of geologists, seismic processors and seismic interpreters working under supervision of Team Leader. Providing ongoing geophysical interpretation to allow the team to establish and execute an integrated plan of development. It is expected to provide onsite seismic structural interpretation and reservoir characterization to support the acquisition and processing teams and continuously update the subsurface model of the study area, with associated uncertainties, through the 2D/3D acquisition stages. All geophysical deliverables must be produced according to best practices standards. Key responsibilities for this job includes: - Basic structural interpretation and analysis of 2D & 3D seismic data including: well-to-seismic tie, fault and horizon interpretation, velocity modelling and depth conversion - Seismic Reservoir Characterization - Interpret and integrate seismic data with geological data - Contribute to acquisition planning, and the quality control of seismic processing results - Preparing appropriate technical reports, weekly reports and presentation


- MSc. or PhD Degree in Geoscience, preferably in Geophysics-Seismic - Familiar with standard seismic Interpretation and RC software such as Petrel, HRS and OpendTect - Job location is in Ilam and therefore nominated candidates are expected to settle in this city for at least 3 years - Proven high performance working in a multi-disciplinary team - Proven forward looking thinker who actively seeks opportunities and innovative solutions - Exhibit strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite - Fluent technical writing and verbal communication in English skills are required - Familiar with Geology of Iran specifically focused on Zagros area

About Company

100-499 employees

Founded in the 2000, Dana Energy is a leading corporation focusing on oil and gas upstream business. After years of flourishing development with exceptional success rate in numerous oil & gas projects across Iran and Middle East, so far we are engaged in three business segments. We provide our projects by technical, financial and managerial expertise, advanced equipment and cutting-edge services necessary for success. Exploration and Production Dana Energy’s E&P capabilities includes geology, geophysics, geochemistry, petrophysics and reservoir engineering as the keys to discover new hydrocarbon reservoirs and to unlocking the potential of its assets. The company’s experience covers the value chain from exploration to production with innovative integrated subsurface workflows. Oilfield Services Our Oilfield Services include a diverse range of services including seismic data acquisition...

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