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Job Description

Looking for a life-changing career within global business? Use your master’s degree and join the 2-year International Operations Business graduate programme, Iran where you will gain global experience and invaluable skills from working with a broad range of business processes across Novo Nordisk’s business areas, countries and markets. The programme has been designed to develop the next generation of business leaders and will give you the opportunity to make a difference to the millions of people who rely on our products. About the International Operations Business graduate programme: Employees working within business in Novo Nordisk have a wide range of roles and responsibilities – but all share the same commitment to excellence and to drive the continued success of Novo Nordisk. This graduate programme spans many business functions including business development, business assurance, strategic R&D, market access, sales and marketing. During the programme you will work with senior managers and build an international network of world-class colleagues, establishing yourself as one of tomorrow’s key people in business at Novo Nordisk. We’ve designed the International Operations Business graduate programme, Iran, so that, following its successful completion, you will be equipped with the necessary skills and experience to become an integral part of our company in Iran. Please note: This specific graduate programme is targeted at candidates from Iran. We also have a Global Business Processes graduate programme and many other graduate programmes, which are open to applicants from anywhere in the world. The position: During the 2-year programme you will undertake three rotations of 8-months duration. One rotation will take place in Iran, one rotation will be in our corporate headquarters in Denmark, and one will be in one of our business regions or global affiliates. Examples of recent rotations include Turkey, Philippines or Dubai. The rotations are shaped to suit your development needs, while meeting our business requirements and to ensure that you build the competences needed to become one of “tomorrow’s key people” in Novo Nordisk. Below is an example of how the rotations could be shaped: Rotation 1 - Working in Iran, you will become truly close to the marketplace in an affiliate and get hands-on experience with the business challenges that pharmaceutical companies face in your local market. Rotation 2 - During your placement in our corporate headquarters in Denmark, you will get acquainted with corporate life as you are assigned to a key corporate function such as marketing, market access or business development, depending on your interest and the needs of the business. Rotation 3 - Located for example in marketing, business development or market access in one of our global affiliates, you will get true international experience in a global organisation. Working at Novo Nordisk: As a world leader in diabetes care, working at Novo Nordisk allows you the opportunity to make a significant difference to patients and society, while also providing you with the ability to deliver exciting results from a business perspective in a global pharmaceutical company. Joining Novo Nordisk should appeal to you not just because we respect and value our employees, but also because of what we do to change the lives of millions of people around the world. To work here you need to be highly ambitious, yet have a team player mind-set and enjoy working in a global and culturally-diverse organisation.


To apply for the International Operations Business graduate programme, Iran, you must have: - A master’s degree from 2018 or 2019 in a relevant subject, for example international business management, finance, economics, business administration, or engineering. - A minimum of 6 month’s international experience from working, studying or voluntary work - Relevant work experience or extracurricular activities obtained next to your studies - No more than 1 years of work experience after finishing your master’s - Above average academic achievements - Strong analytical skills - Excellent communication skills - High drive and ambitious goals - Eagerness to learn and willingness to challenge status quo - An international mind-set and be globally mobile - Team-player skills - Professional fluency in English HOW TO APPLY (deadline: no later than 8 January 2019): You must apply through the Novo Nordisk job portal. Go to Novo Nordisk homepage and click on Careers. From there, search the title of this position and select Iran as a country. The job posting will appear. Read the instructions and click on APPLY to submit the requirements: your motivational letter, CV (in English) plus a copy of your master’s certificate or latest grade transcript. In addition, you must provide a 1-minute video of yourself explaining why you are the ideal candidate for the International Operations Business graduate programme, Iran.