International Market Analyzer Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores

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  • Tehran

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Posted 11 days ago

Job Description

Anticipating and evaluating marketing and sales trends in the retail industry Defining required strategic information and data sources based on company requirements and designing analytical frameworks. Design and evaluation of data collection methods such as scrolling, questionnaires, surveys and Etc Collecting and analyzing data related to economic, social and political target countries's Key Indicators Collecting and analyzing demographic data, market conditions, consumer behavior and competitors in target markets Data analysis using related softwares such as SPSS, SAS, WinCross and Etc Integrate complex data and extract graphs, tables and management reports Compilation of market analysis reports for target countries and presentation to senior executives


Technical feature: -master’s or Bachelor’s degree of Business Management or Economy -Expert in design of research methods, information gathering tools and identifying data sources -Mastering the concepts of marketing strategies (digital, environmental, etc.) and analyzing competitive strategies - Expert in excel -Fluent in English -Preparation for deployment to domestic and foreign missions Familiarity with the FMCG market and the retail industry is a plus Personal feature: Critical Thinking Data Analysis Ability