International Affairs Officer

International Affairs Officer

Job Description

- Being well familiar with procedure of international courier or cargo business - Monitoring international orders to ensure that goods come in on time and resolving problems related to undelivered goods - Handling and monitoring every shipment with international agents and provide timely cargo status and position reports to the customers. - Supervising deliveries to ensure accuracy. - Assuring just-in-time delivery. - Investigating and solving customer service complaints - Being familiar with international brand and patent registration


Qualifications: Professional in international transportation and operation handling The ability to operate as a multitask person in a fast-paced environment with rapidly changing priorities Ability to read, write, and speak English fluently is a must Strong communication (oral and written) skills Bachelor degree and above

About Company

100-499 employees

Since 1385, Newshanik has been a specialized marketing, import, export and distribution company in foodstuffs (esp. flavored teas, herbal natural drinks and instant coffee powder) on the basis of new method of marketing with almost 100 employees all throughout Iran. It relates to Daryani's, a well-known name in food industry. And now developing its business as the first company which obtained network marketing license, it is going to find the same position at this field as well.

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