Instrument Technician

Instrument Technician

Job Description

• Perform inspection, calibration, servicing, testing and repair of process control and data acquisition equipment. • Perform preventive and routine maintenance schedule of instrument equipment to ensure proper operation. • Inspect equipment on daily basis and carry out maintenance, repair, calibration and functional tests on a variety of instruments. • Participate in troubleshooting. • Maintain accurate maintenance records. • Carry out other similar or related duties such as comparing maintenance cost against foreseen budgets, observing safety rules and regulations, ensuring proper handover procedures at the end of each shift.


• Engineering Degree or Higher Diploma • Significant oil field or related field experience in instrument disciplines • Valid safety training with H2S certificate • Computer literacy • Ability to communicate in English

About Company

500 employees or more

Sinopec is an International Oil Company with its Iran headquarter based in Tehran. Its major business is in oilfield project execution.

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