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Human Resource Manager

Posted 5 Month ago

Job Description

1. Basic payment 3 million Tomans and great benefits and reward. 2. A successful record in HRM. 3. Planning for the recruitment of manpower. 4. Implementation of human resources training & development programs. 5. Measuring employee satisfaction and identifying areas that require improvement. 6. Implementing the training and development agenda; identify areas that need attention and improvement. 7. Advising on all employees issues. 8. Identify staff vacancies and recruit, interview and select applicants. 9. The practices in the areas of remuneration, benefits, performance management and development, recruitment and retention. 10. Development and Implement Procedures, Polices and Guidelines to assist in the smoothing running of office. 11. Plan and conduct new employee orientation to foster positive attitude toward organizational objectives. 12. Organize all personnel administration affairs according labor law, such as contracts, insurance and etc. 13. Conducts wage surveys within labor market to determine competitive wage rate. 14. Provide job description for all Tarhegandom employees and evaluate the job descriptions quarterly and annually. 15. education and motivation system for all employees. 16. Reporting to: managing director. 17. Length of Probation Period: 1 month 18. Working hours: Saturday to Wednesday 8:30 - 18 and Thursdays and Fridays are close 19.Specialzing in recruitment, training, motivation, monitoring, assessment and evaluation.


- University Qualifications: Bachelor Degree. - Nature and length of previous experience: 10 years. - Soft Skills and Personality traits: smart and great public relations . - Maximum age of 50 years old - Familiar with Office and management software - Fully familiar with HR processes and administration duties - Good knowledge of English