HR Manager Setare Tadarok Darya

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Posted 10 months ago

Job Description

-Identify, design, conduct and control all HR Systems and Processes -Identify staff vacancies and recruit, interview and select applicants -Analyze and modify compensation and benefits policies to establish competitive programs -Identify and design succession and development plan for employees -Plan, design and conduct motivational programs to increase Employee Satisfaction -Development of corporate culture and organizational Ethics -Improving organizational structure by updating job requirements and job description for all positions -Planning and implementation of Education and training courses for employees and to expand organizational knowledge -General Administration


-Master Degree in Management fields (degree in HRM is an advantage) -At least 5 years of experience in related areas -Professional knowledge of all HR areas -Proven competencies in selection processes primarily in interviewing -Ability to lead and direct people -Analytical thinking style -Ability to communicate and present effectively with high interpersonal and multicultural abilities - Full command of English both written and spoken -Age range: 30 - 40

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