Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer

Job Description

- Responsible for implementing visual elements that users see and interact within a web application. - Maintain and improve the company website - Work in a multidisciplinary team with other professionals such as back-end developers and web designers - Build high-quality mockups and design different prototypes - Provide high-quality graphics and visual elements - Optimize our web applications for maximum speed


- +3 years of hands-on React JS development experience. - Knowledge of state management and routing. Redux, MobX. - Experience in SSR. - Excellent HTML5, CSS3, and SASS/LESS knowledge, responsive design, pixel perfect development. - Understanding of a JavaScript and component-based architecture. - Experience in API consumption and working with third-party APIs and related technologies (ex. Swagger, JSON API and SOAP). - Experience with E2E testing. - Good knowledge about build tools, task runners and package managers, Web pack, NPM. - Comfortable with learning new tools and technologies to serve new purposes. - Strong collaboration skills. - Outstanding attention to detail and adherence to deadlines. - Ability to work effectively, both independently and as a member of a team. - Ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. - Ability to "think outside the box" while identifying problems and developing a creative solution. - Understanding of fundamental design principles. - Intermediate level in speaking and writing in English. - BA in Computer Science or similar relevant field

About Company

50-99 employees

Zoodel is the leading online B2B marketplace which facilitate the trading needs between sellers and the buyers. Zoodel empowers sellers and buyers to optimize their marketing, sales and logistics costs and provides an online interface that can fulfill their trading needs.

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