Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer

Job Description

In and online platform, users are transacting with a nice interface, easy going procedures and best fitted elements. If you’re a highly experienced front-end developer with extensive related abilities and skills, has creative mind and also interested in cooperating with a young and energetic team to develop and platform for a known brand, then we have an opportunity for you Responsibilities: - Developing user interface according to designed UI - Transforming a prototype to the final product - Extending and creating new features for the existing platform - Documentation of performed activities Technical skills: - Expert in HTML5 and CSS3 (Sass, Less) - Expert in JS (ES5, ES6, ES7) - Highly experienced in ReactJS and ReactDOM - Good experience for JavaScript framework Antd Design - Expert in one of CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation - Good experience in WordPress - Know to design wireframes using software like Balsamiq - Experienced in a sketch design software like XD or Sketch - Know Java Design Pattern - Knowing SEO, React Native and having UX experience shall be considered as advantage


Personal Skills: - Highly creative and ability to give new ideas - Ability of time management and on-time task delivery - Fast learner with new technologies and the ability to rapidly implement them - Ability for documentation and designing workflows - Fast debugging skills - Being a highly collaborative team member

This position is no longer available.

About Company

10-49 employees

Pronexo is a networking equipment provider, established 10 years ago, aiming to become a leader in this market. In this regard, a group of young and motivated experts have gathered together, and creative, zealous people who are in search of an opportunity to learn, experience and put their imaginative ideas into action are also welcome.

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