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Front End Developer

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Job Description

Being familiar with graphic designing and related tools. Being dominant at developing application compatible with the Cross Platform. Having the ability to test the responsiveness of the web projects on different platforms, tablets, cell phones, and etc. Being familiar with the IDEs such as Visual Studio. Following the principals of commenting, naming, writing, and documenting. Checking and verifying the accuracy of the data before being sent back to the Back-end-Developer. Being familiar with source control software. Making changes to, as well as maintaining, the current and new web projects. Being able to prepare reports and documents for the stakeholders including the users, analysts, managers, and the other users. Being able to perform applicability test. Being familiar with a variety of databases such as Oracle, MSSQL, and MySQL as well as several programming and markup languages such as ASP, HTML, JSP, and PHP. Being familiar with software development methodologies and frameworks such as Scrum, XP, and Agile. Having complete mastery of HTML, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap, React, Vue, ASP. NET MVC


Having a Bachelor in related fields. Maximum age: 30 Being a highly collaborative team member. Being a perfect team player. Specialist Knowledge: ERP Modules. Being fluent in English.