Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer

Job Description

•Main Objective: We are looking for a talented enterprise Front-End Developer to join our software development team. •Main responsibilities: -The successful candidate will be a Front-End developer who has good experience at web technologies and understands ASP.Net MVC backend systems as well as grasping the concepts of User experience. - As a Front-end Developer you would be responsible for all front-end development strategies, including CSS/JS framework development, maintenance and further development of our websites. -You will serve as the front end developer of our projects and should be able to work alongside other developers in a friendly environment. -This position will require infrequent interaction with product owner and the analysis team for mutual understandings. -Developing User interfaces for Rich Modern Internet Applications with the latest Front End Technologies -All life cycle phases from page layout -Client-side browser development -Browser compatibility validation -Implementation and testing


-BS/MS degree in software engineering, computer science or IT -Over3 years of UI /Web development -Experienced and fluent web developer with at least 4 years of UI development -Working and having experience with Angular 2+ is a must -Ready to work in an agile environment with variable client requirement -Cope with continuous changes -Know about the concept of UX -Be self-motivated and in various situations provide the team with the best solutions -Advanced knowledge of CSS3/HTML5 is preferable -Have previously worked with at least two JS Frameworks and one CSS framework -Understand Responsive design, Web 2, modular design and mobile first design strategy -Familiar with the concept of web API2 -We need a team member with Versatility, flexibility, and a willingness to work within constantly -Ideal Age Range: 22 - 35 -Current Residence: Tehran Province -Work Location: Tehran, Tehran Province

About Company

100-499 employees

We are a solution provider and system integrator, and a leader in EPCM projects in Iran and Middle East, who provides managed services. In addition to the top performance in data center projects. We broadened our activities to network solutions and low current transportation systems, such as telecommunications, control and signaling systems in Metro-LRT lines.

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