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Front-End Developer

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Job Description

•Main Objective: We are looking for a talented enterprise Front-End Developer to join our software development team. •Main responsibilities: -The successful candidate will be a Front-End developer who has good experience at web technologies and understands ASP.Net MVC backend systems as well as grasping the concepts of User experience. - As a Front-end Developer you would be responsible for all front-end development strategies, including CSS/JS framework development, maintenance and further development of our websites. -You will serve as the front end developer of our projects and should be able to work alongside other developers in a friendly environment. -This position will require infrequent interaction with product owner and the analysis team for mutual understandings. -Developing User interfaces for Rich Modern Internet Applications with the latest Front End Technologies -All life cycle phases from page layout -Client-side browser development -Browser compatibility validation -Implementation and testing


-BS/MS degree in software engineering, computer science or IT -Over3 years of UI /Web development -Experienced and fluent web developer with at least 4 years of UI development -Working and having experience with Angular 2+ is a must -Ready to work in an agile environment with variable client requirement -Cope with continuous changes -Know about the concept of UX -Be self-motivated and in various situations provide the team with the best solutions -Advanced knowledge of CSS3/HTML5 is preferable -Have previously worked with at least two JS Frameworks and one CSS framework -Understand Responsive design, Web 2, modular design and mobile first design strategy -Familiar with the concept of web API2 -We need a team member with Versatility, flexibility, and a willingness to work within constantly -Ideal Age Range: 22 - 35 -Current Residence: Tehran Province -Work Location: Tehran, Tehran Province