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Front-End Developer

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Job Description

Yektanet is looking for creative, experienced, and talented creative developers. People who apply for this position should constantly seek to learn, improve and improve their work, and eagerly present and implement creative ideas. With more than millions of users, your company has a high responsibility for timely delivery of high-quality codes; therefore, your company always tries to keep the best of developers together to deliver the highest quality products. You must: - Work with other developers in different teams. - Know the user-side related technologies, choose the right ones and use them to create the best product. - Be detailed in detail and give the most importance to product completeness for users. - Ability to design and implement an innovative user interface to meet user needs. - Ability to solve the problem and make a high decision. Be quick and play your role in the development of product agility. - Get minimal information and want to get deeper in this field and learn new things.


- Get detailed information about the basic user-side technologies, such as html, css and JavaScript. The experience with the css frameworks like bootstrap is an advantage, but awareness of the details of the technologies mentioned is a must. - Provide enough information about user experience and user interface design (UI / UX), and you can submit your work in this area or prove your ability to do so. - Master the responsive design concepts. - Meet web standards and web designs, graphic design, SEO, and constantly looking to learn the day's traditions. - Ability to generate efficient, scalable, multi-use code. - Work experience with one of the user-side frameworks like React, vue.js, and more. - Have the experience of working with the gate in a coherent team. - Know the basic concepts of computer science, such as data structures, algorithms, databases, and more.