Financial Manager

Financial Manager

Job Description

- Prepare and analyze accounting records, financial statements or other management reports - Produce daily and monthly cash flows comparing budgeted costs to actual costs as well as predicting future revenues and financial commitments to plan ahead and prepare accordingly - Develop, maintain and analyze cost accounting and other financial reports that will lead to recommendations which will in turn help modify and improve business operations, revenues and expenses - Responsible for all aspects of company tax compliance - Liaise with internal and external auditors and complete statutory accounts - Ensure appropriate internal controls are in place and working effectively - Evaluate accounting systems, procedures and practices and make appropriate recommendations for modifications and improvements - Responsible for the timely payment of salaries, travel expenses and allowances to the employees in addition to taxes, insurance and other government obligations and reporting on the same - Preparation of fiscal financial and statements including balance sheet and income statement - Understand and follow company rules and regulations. - Perform all other duties as assigned and required-Managing and structuring the finance department and taking a leading role in training and coaching the finance team


- Bachelor or Master Degree in Finance or Accounting - At least 10 years of experience on Finance field - Sound accounting and commercial knowledge - Solid understanding of cost accounting concepts - Strong knowledge in excel and local accounting packages - Ability to multi task, meet deadlines and work under pressure - To be team oriented and strong leadership skills - Having strong communication skills - Ideal Age: Minimum 40

This position is no longer available.

About Company

100-499 employees

Takran Mobared Industrial Company (Registered 1977) has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. Company launched its mass production of specified small refrigerators late 1991 which elite quality and reliable approach made EASTCOOL products on the top of Iranian market in that area. EASTCOOL is an internationally registered trade mark, belongs to TAKRAN MOBARED (PJS) The factory of Takran Mobared Comaony is located in Shokuhyie Industrial Town, Qom and its head office is located in Tehran.

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