Financial Manager

Financial Manager

Job Description

• Participation in the proposals and customer credit policy, financial debt. Collection and monitoring its performance • Funding and managing of cash, monetary assets and providing additional cash. Flow if necessary • Maintaining the confidentiality of financial records. • Perform all duties as assigned and required in accordance with the instruction within the organization and accounting standards. Performing all duties related to TAX and VAT. Planning and act for any kind of industrial accounting, in Oil products organization. • Preparing report for board of directors fiscal council. • Professional in the official documents and tax laws/bills to mitigate the cost. • Keep up to data the market of foreign exchange. • Classification of accounts - and if necessary – classification of goods and coding of inventory and warehouse according to a mechanized system. • Monitoring and control in order to preserve the asset of the company. • Planning to do analysis of the balance sheet profit and loss and the resource and benefits of different units. • Prediction , projection and presentation of the company's budget based on plans ,project, orders and requirements of the various units and the strategy announced by the board of directors with regard to the annual resource, consumption and possible change in the future. • Evaluate the performance of the different organization department with respect to investigation and respect of financial results and respect to supervisor office. • Continence assessment system, methods and assumptions related to financial department and declaration of strengths and weakness of existing procedures and proposals for amendment of them. • Developing continued relationship with bankers, funds, and finance market for financing accelerating activation, seize the opportunities. • Preparation of analytical reports on the validation of clients, product pricing discount policy, purchase assessment on inflation • Continuous information of all banking, financial, tax, labor and social affair rules and insurance related to company's activity. • Review and implementation of activation regarding to approved budget and analysis the deviation • Identify and meet the needs of specialized training on staff who are managed by him along with the company's needs • Approved of any financial report, including reports of payments and property, verification of the legal officer and registered them • Cooperation in development and monitoring proper implementation of contacts • Management reporting.


• Bachelor's education or more in finance. • 10 year experience in finance management. • Excellent communication skills. • Knowledge and know-how about oil products companies • Good team work capabilities. • Excellent knowledge in MS office package. • Good command of written and spoken English. • Experience of banking financial services and other related banking affaires. • Ability to manage and supervise staff. • High experience in income statement analysis. • Full knowledge of tax system and administration • Ability and knowledge to work with HAMKARAN SYSTEM software

This position is no longer available.

About Company

10-49 employees

We are one of the leading group of companies in downstream oil and gas, petroleum, refinery industries, and fuel trading. Company activities include the chain of petroleum and chemical products. We are also one of the best-known petroleum products exporters to the region. We are the member of relative internal and international associations. The range of our products starts from chemicals to fuels and motor oil. We are active in the industry more than 12 years and expand is continuous.

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