Financial Manager Sabah Industries Group

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Financial Manager

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Job Description

-Develop internal control policies, guidelines, and procedures for activities such as budget administration, cash and credit management, and accounting -Supervise employees performing financial reporting, accounting, billing, collections, payroll, and budgeting duties -Coordinate and direct the financial planning, budgeting, procurement, or investment activities -Prepare or direct preparation of financial statements, business activity reports, financial position forecasts, annual budgets, or reports required by regulatory agencies -Provide direction and assistance to other organizational units regarding accounting and budgeting policies and procedures and efficient control and utilization of financial resources -Analyze the financial details of past, present, and expected operations to identify development opportunities and areas where improvement is needed -Advise management on short-term and long-term financial objectives, policies, and actions -Monitor financial activities and details, such as cash flow and reserve levels, to ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are met -Evaluate needs for procurement of funds and make appropriate recommendations -Monitor and evaluate the performance of accounting and other financial staff, recommending and implementing personnel actions, such as promotions and dismissals -Receive, record, and authorize requests for disbursements in accordance with company policies and procedures -Conduct or coordinate audits of company accounts and financial transactions to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements and statutes -Compute, withhold, and account for all payroll deductions -Perform tax planning work -Reporting to: CEO


-At Least Master's degree in Financial Management or other related fields -10 years of experience in senior positions / At least 3 years as financial manager in well-known companies -Administration & Management skills -Economics & Accounting skills -Being advanced in Iran Financial & Accounting related laws