Financial Manager Behesht Ghandil (Doghazal Tea)

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Financial Manager

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Job Description

-Responsible for daily and monthly financial and accounting operations and year-end closing processes -Responsible for salaries & wages, loans, orders, cost accounting, depreciation, financial statements & tax returns -Preparing monthly budget controlling report as well as various other reports including report about deviations between actual/ budget and Cash flow figures, financial results to explain deviations from the budget, (daily, monthly, quarterly, annually) -Controlling all accounting documents, invoices, bank statements and petty cash dealing with related authorities such as Tax office, presenting the bill Defense -Controlling and Managing all local and international payable and receivables -Preparing and designing needed financial reports for authorities and top managers and Preparing and submitting reports weekly and monthly -Preparing audit reports, seasonal reports ( VAT) and declarations and sales tax prepayments and Fulfilling all legal tax issues and Preparing standard reports from statistical and accounting information; as well as preparation of year-end report (financial statements) , (Balance Sheet, Profit and loss), internal & external reports -Mastering all types of accounting including commercial, manufacturing, Contractor and Services -Evaluating financial systems, procedures and making appropriate recommendations for modifying and improving -Managing all the financial activities of the company, and Leading and developing financial teams -Keep records of financial transaction and support documents/ Review of all legal documents, customer, contractors, vendor and broker agreements and Contact customer about Main activities -Managing Insurance issues, salaries -Analyzing business operations, trends, costs, revenues, profits -Preparing the company's budget, middle term business plans and forecasting by organizing internal meetings, conducting guiding activities and bringing comments and suggestions -Responsible for doing routine and non-routine accounting activities


-Strong knowledge in excel and local and international accounting packages -Ability to multi task, meet deadlines, and work under pressure -To be team oriented and have excellent communication skills -Ideal Age Range: 35 to 45 years old -Gender Preference: Male