Financial Director

Kharazmi Educational Institute Tehran

Posted a month ago

Job Description

Kharazmi educational institute needs a financial director with at least 15 years of experience. Interpretation of responsibilities: - Budgeting qualification and familiarity with the crisis managements - Being familiar with the business/ beneficial enhancement/ cost reduction - Being qualified to the ultimate costs of goods and services - Handling the office of the financial section - Being familiar with the shareholding to the memberships and staffs - Writing working schemes in all administrative units - Controlling the portrayal accountability of contractors and paying step by step to the exterior contractors - Analyzing the risk of the current projects - Generating funds in the institution - Taking the institution away from just a system of consumerist finance and administrative unit to a revenue unit would be a virtue - Being familiar and state of the art of the digital marketing area would be a virtue


- Knowledge of English - Master in accounting software, Office software - Full time - Teachable - Reliable sponsor - able to pursue the job from Ordibehesht 15. Nature and length of previous experience: least 15 years of experience in financial fields. Specialist knowledge: financial analysis.

Job Category:

Employement type:

Full Time

Job Category:

Employement type:

Full Time

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