Financial Affairs Manager - Qom Asia Negar Golsar (ANG Group)

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Posted 10 months ago

Job Description

Objective of the role: Manage financial and tax company manufacturing. List of responsibilities: e.g.(1) Manage financial and tax 2 company manufacturing. e.g.(2) Human Resources Management Finance. e.g.(3) Managing organizational processes such as financial accounting, inventory, purchasing accounting and sales accounting. Reporting to: CEO. Subordinates: Employees of the accounting department. Length of Probation Period: 1 year.. Working hours: 186 hours. Travel requirements: Qom - Tehran - Shokoohieh industrial city of Qom. Gross Monthly Base Salary: Adaptive. Commission / Bonus: Adaptive. Other benefits: Adaptive.


University Qualifications: Bachelor or Master of Accounting. Other certifications obtained: Computer and familiarity with processor-centric software with the ERP approach. Nature and length of previous experience: e.g.10 years old financial manager of the manufacturing company. Specialist knowledge: e.g.English language. Soft Skills and Personality traits: e.g.(1) High public relations.e.g.(2) Management . Ideal Age:35-45