Finance Manager Parsoomash Oil Kish (POIL)

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Finance Manager

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Job Description

We are seeking an experienced and talented financial mind to focus on following responsibilities as our consultant: -Develop internal control policies, guidelines, and procedures for activities such as budget administration, cash and credit management, and accounting. -Coordinate and direct the financial planning and budgeting, activities -Analyze the financial details of past, present, and expected operations to identify development opportunities and areas where improvement is needed. -Advise management on short term and long term financial objectives, policies, and actions. Monitor financial activities, to ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are met. Conduct or coordinate audits of company accounts and financial transactions to ensure compliance with requirements and statutes.


-University qualifications: At Least master's degree in Financial Management or other related fields -Previous experience: -15 years of experience in financial senior positions in well-known companies. -Ideal Age Range: 37-50