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Posted 3 months ago

Job Description

-Supervising Production Manager, Industrial Manager, and Maintenance Manager -Consumption of substances, analysis of stops and rooting -Analyze all the activities of a project (from the time of the formation of the initial thinking to the design and implementation, and then the start-up and operation) for less time to reach the stage of operation without adding costs or reducing the quality of work -Responsible for the supervision and enforcement of all affairs related to the factory and product production -Monitor all operations and processes -Prepare operating reports -Maintain a safe work environment and follow all safety regulations -Conducting and managing the factory to increase the productivity -Manage and supervise staff, preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties -Motivate staff to correct and improve the processes -Ensure all legal requirements, company safety procedures, and local and state health and safety regulations are met -Reporting to: CEO-Very Dynamic Team Player


-At least Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, food industry or any related major -At least 10 years' experience as factory manager in a factory with more than 300 staff / At least 15 years' experience in food industries -Strong knowledge of financial analysis -Familiar with the basics of various maintenance strategies including TPM maintenance, preventive, predictive, and accidental maintenance -Identification of the work environment, different types of net systems (centralized, semi-central, mixed), and their deployment -Able to analyze information -Able to plan Operations