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Factory Manager (karaj)

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Job Description

Holding weekly and monthly meetings and make decisions on importance -Management and human resource planning Responsible for the supervision and enforcement of all affairs related to the factory and product production. - Maintain a safe work environment and follow all safety regulations. - Conducting and managing the factory to increase the productivity. -Develop and direct the implementation of policies and procedures to ensure that the Company complies with all statutory regulations -Responsible for all kinds of work which should be done in company such as production planning, making product, overseeing warehouses, financial matters, supplying required materials and issues


-Master degree in mechanical Engineering/Electrical engineering/ MBA -At least 10 years experience in Management/ At least 3 years in Factory management - Strong knowledge of financial analysis. - Able to analyze information. - Able to plan Operations. - Leadership ability. - Good negotiation skill. - Excellent communication skill. - Lecture skills. - Familiar with English. -Related experience in food industry and cosmetics. FMCG -Gender Preference: Male -Ideal Age: 35 - 45