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Export Manager

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Job Description

- Administer all export of goods and ensure compliance to all organizational policies and procedures and monitor all financial and currency processes and transactions and manage all communication with export authorities for all required countries. - Design and implement all export strategies and activities and ensure adherence to all project requirements and prepare all export documents within required time frame and schedule efficient shipping activities and identify appropriate transportation method in assistance with customers. - Supervise efficient working of export staff and ensure compliance to all export objectives and design sales strategies according to customer requirement and collaborate with country sales manager to prepare budget for projects. - Coordinate with management and plan participation in all trade shows and ensure all activities according to customer specifications and assist business partners to design efficient distributing strategies for customers and ensure compliance to all state and federal regulations. - Evaluate all reports submitted by export staff and recommend appropriate changes if required and maintain all operational records to prepare all sales and establish profitability in organization and provide training for all sales and services programs. - Monitor all existing and prospective markets in Middle East and CIS Countries and assist to identify appropriate business opportunities and review all company products and develop and maintain professional relationships with all agents and clients and assist in shipment of warehouse products. - Prepare effective business plan for all projects to achieve required product volume and profit and organize all market plans to suit all customer requirements and monitor all specific transactions of all customers for all processes. - Monitor all sales transactions and review all customer response for all orders and payments and resolve all customer issues for processes and manage sales shipments of all export products and collaborate with suppliers to ensure smooth functioning of processes and forecast all requirements. - Provide training to all export team and perform assessment of all work and assist to achieve all export objectives and develop and maintain professional relationships with all clients and perform regular communication with all staff and clients. - Administer all existing clients and ensure optimal level of marketing strategies and design required consumer promotions for various trade fairs and maintain optimal level of customer satisfaction and assist to identify new markets. - Manage all banking logistics for export activities and prepare required documents and prepare special labels for brands and ensure adherence to all shipping schedule. - Manage marketing and market penetration in new markets - Collection of all receivables from clients, in a full and complete coordination with financial department. - Analyzing methods of sales and circumventing banking issues and obstacles for export. - Candidates should be able for frequent traveling abroad. - Company is located in Shams Abad Industrial Zone (35th km Tehran-Qom Highway)


- BSc or Master in Business Administration, Commerce, other related fields - Minimum 10 years of experience in Commercial affairs / at least 3 to 5 years in Export - Persian and English Fluent skills / Arabic or Russian language is a preference. - Experience in exporting to Middle East and/or CIS countries is a preference. - Familiarity with Coating and Paint industry is a preference.