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EPC Planning Engineer

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Job Description

Mission: • To design, implement, support and maintain EPC Network • To monitor EPC network KPIs, services, hardware & license utilization in order to plan for short/long-term • To monitor interoperability between Wi-Fi and LTE core elements with the GSM elements such as GERAN and UTRAN network, CS Core, IMS Core, and PS Core Role Complexity: • To interact with multiple streams such as NWG, MKT, ITS, Finance and etc. in order to integrate and troubleshoot of new services and features as well as network expansions and new node integrations • To provide support in introducing new products and services in the LTE arena in cooperation with Marketing Task Complexity: • To contribute in implementation of EPC on network Function Virtualization and Cloud architecture to support the business objectives of MTNIrancell • To plan core elements of the LTE and VoLTE EPC networks • To prepare and provide report on vendor operations and investigate new services on EPC networks and the possibility of implementation • To provide and contribute in delivery of new services such as (Sponsor data, VoLTE, VoWiFi, QoS, PCRF packages and any other core related services) to MTNIrancell customers • To monitor installed capacity over IPBB, internet bandwidth and any other interconnect interfaces to root cause shortages • To evaluate EPC core KPI and support achieving related core network KPIs and quality that has direct relation to customer loyalty and qualitative perception of MTNIrancell network • To provide support in integration of the LTE network elements into other network elements such as TDD and FDD Radio access network, IPBB, GiLAN, CS and IMS Core, CG, DNS, OCS, PCRF, PCEF, EMM, provisioning, billing, etc. • To investigate and check new optimization plans for EPC network from planning point of view and contribute in implementation • To provide measurement reports and criteria of EPC network elements performance • To prepare analytical reports related to EPC network in order to monitor capacities, and network performance that may influence the planning and designing process • To monitor EPC statistics in order to have a better view on EPC network KPIs, ensure required statistics are available and ensure the related counters are activated in operations & monitoring system


Education: • B.Sc. In in Technology Systems (Telecommunication Management / Information Technology), Electronic Engineering or a related discipline • Fluent in English Experience: • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in an area of specialization (Core NW planning and design); with experience in supervising others • Experience working in a medium organization Knowledge: • Good understanding of data services • Good knowledge of WiFi Core/ EPC technology • Understanding of wider trends in the international and local telecoms industry • Understand principles of software development • Good knowledge about IP Networks • Good knowledge about monitoring tools • Understanding of Traffic Engineering • Understanding Wireless Networks • Be aware of the latest developments in LTE market • Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networking technologies • Be aware of what other operators have implemented such as charging practices, migration strategies, cloud and etc. • Understand and be able to apply UNIX and other similar skills like DNS servers, AAA server, DHCP servers, Web servers, etc.