Electricity supply and distribution Expert Informatics Services Corporation (ISC)

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Posted 4 months ago

Job Description

Performing all tasks related to: - The maintenance of electric data centers - Repair, and design of electric data centers --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Duration: one year contract Desired start date: next month Probation: 3 months Other Benefits: Housing allowance, transport allowance, health


12x24 working ability Good team working ability Familiar with Diesel Generators and transformations Having a good knowledge of different types of Ups and the manner of their operation Familiar with distribution panels and their equipment Having sufficient knowledge about the principles of electrical design and their standards Familiar with reading as well as designing electrical working drawing and all its electrical drawing software The priority is with those graduated from Technical High School and holds an associate degree in Industrial electricity or Control Electrical engineering -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Education: BSc. or MSc. in Control or Power Electrical engineering Language skills: English Ideal age range: 25-40 Sex: male Experience: At this 2 years Nationality Preference: Iranian Current Residence: Tehran