Electrical Power Engineer

Job Description

Designer fluent in relevant software Mastering the design of converters and power electronics equipment Mastering the power mapping software Awareness of the design and design of electrical systems Perform detailed calculations to calculate and establish manufacturing standards Mastering the testing of electronic circuits and power supply Introduction to research and development Documentation Reverse Engineering


Introduction to the design and production of Electromotor The power converter designer preferably has a history of converter design Electromotor designer fluent in Maxwell, Comsol or JMAG software Three years’ experience in the design and manufacture of electromotor Power bachelor degree Understanding Motor Testing Tools Existing standards ISO Familiar with existing standards Familiar with English

About Company

500 employees or more

Damandeh Inc is the industry leader in manufacturing electro motors and heating / cooling systems. It produces a wide portfolio of products including more than one hundred and thirty types of ventilation, electro motors, heating and cooling fans. Damandeh was founded by Mr. Ahmad Bostanchi as a private entity in 1967 and was officially registered as a company with limited liability (LLC) in 1984. Our goal is to achieve excellence under the supervision of experienced experts and engineers. We are proudly certified by the standard approval mark from Irans industrial research and standard institute, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO16817 and have received numerous quality.

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