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Electrical Engineer

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Job Description

•Main Objective: SITS (Secure Infrastructure of Transactional Services) was first established to offer technical data center and network infrastructure services in the body of Bank Mellat •Main Responsibilities: -Perform inspection, servicing, calibration, testing and repair of electrical equipment -Diagnose and repair faults to various voltage electrical equipment such as switch gears, breaker switches and installations -Ensure that all electrical maintenance is performed in accordance with safety regulations, electrical safety isolation and work procedures -Maintain an accurate maintenance record -Responsible for putting Documentation, Reengineering, Technical planning and maintenance plans into effect -Assist or instruct electricians and wiremen -Working closely with mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, engineering technicians and IT staff to ensure maintaining electrical systems and components to required specifications (Team working) *Working hours: Shift work


-At least BSc degree in (Control or Power) Electrical Engineering -At least 3 years’ experience in electrical disciplines (implementation, testing and commissioning) -12 years’ experience in IT industry and possessing related education, knowledge, skills and training, have always been putting all their effort into maintaining the profits of customers -Ability to prepare Operation & Maintenance Manuals -Have a good experience of maintenance and repair -Understanding electrical design specifications and technical drawings -Comprehensive knowledge of maintaining electrical systems and components according to required specifications focusing on safety, reliability, quality and sustainability -Having a comprehensive understanding of electrical health and safety (HSE) regulations -Experience/Qualification in the use of AutoCAD -Familiarity with industry’s standard equipment and technical experience -Experience/ Familiarity with British, European, US standards in electrical disciplines -Familiarity with Substation, Distribution panels, MCB, MCCB, ACB Circuit Breaker, concept of PLC Automation, Data collection and Modbus, SNMP protocols -Working under pressure -Total familiar with Office Software -English Language Proficiency: Working Knowledge Level -Gender Preference: Male -Duration: 1 year contract -Number required: 3