Dispatching Specialist - Qazvin

Dispatching Specialist - Qazvin

Job Description

4.1 Route modeling and planning and realization of planned voyages based on domestic sales and international sales notifications 4.2 To manage the flow of regular material to the production line based on the notifications from the Purchasing and Foreign Trade Unit, 4.3 Providing the transportation of finished, semi-finished and raw material (wood, etc.) 4.4 To provide planning and distribution of vehicle resources, 4.5 To approve transport and vehicle management 4.6 Coordinating communication between Customer and Shipping departments and Sales team 4.7 Perform performance measurement and report in procedures 4.8 Plan and manage system development and continuous improvement, 4.9 Control and follow up the shipping cost items and invoicing, 4.10 To fulfill its obligations related to performance appraisal performed during the periods specified by the Company and applied to all employees within the prescribed periods, etc. fulfillment of duties and procedures,


• Dominate national and international transport legislation • Have knowledge about highway, container and open cargo maritime transport • Good computer knowledge • Good English or Turkish • Suited to team work • Strong communication • ERP knowledge

This position is no longer available.

About Company

500 employees or more

AGT started out with the dream of processing and developing wood products customized for individual and corporate requirements in 1984 in Antalya, is operating today as one of the leading companies of the world in furniture components sector. AGT serves for the furniture and decoration sector with its production of MDF, MDF-LAM, Panel, and Profile. Additionally, AGT serves for the construction industry with its production of flooring, door, wall panels and baseboard in its modern production facilities established on an area of 400 thousand square meters at the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. AGT is trend-setter and market leader in Iran and has recently opened its showroom in Tehran to continue its activities in Iran with more concentration.

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