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DevOps Engineer

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Job Description

By joining YektaNet, you join a high tech team which is responsible for delivering high quality codes managing billions of requests, such conditions require DevOps professionals who can deliver qualified codes and server frameworks, so we assume that you're skilled in the following areas and are responsible in tasks as below: -Teamwork with other developers in different teams -Developing high quality, optimized, scalable, fast and reusable codes. -Make quick decisions, checkout different issues and take the necessary steps to meet the requirements and implement decisions -Cooperate with other members of the technical team and product managers in order to have a product to meet the user's needs -identify product and different services framework requirements and step toward providing them


- Enough knowledge in fundamental concepts of computer science like data structure and algorithm design - Mastering one of programming languages, preferably python, NodeJs or GO Lang - Dominate one of web frameworks, preferably Django - Mastering the concepts of API design and HTTP protocol - Dominate in at least one of the SQL-based databases (preferably postgres) or NoSQL databases such as mongodb, cassandra, couchDB - Experience of caching tools, preferably Redis - Experienced in task management services like celery and its line notifications such as Redis or RabbitMQ - Mastering different webservers configuration and its concepts, setting upstream and working with different Gateways like uwsgi - Experienced in dealing different load balancing methods and its tools such as HA Proxy or Nginx - Familiar with server configuration tools. ex. Ansible - Familiar with server observation tools such as netdata and visualization tools like Grafana