Deputy CEO

Damoon Design and Manufacturing Tehran

Posted 5 days ago

Job Description

To help building and running a company which helps Iranian factories and businesses succeed by offering them great services and products. DAMOON is now focused on its 3 business lines; “supplying refrigeration equipment to factories”, “building cold rooms and manufacturing chillers” & “supplying Pressure & Flame Safety Devices equipment to factories by Representing 3 South Korean Companies in Iran”.


Soft Skills: • DA3 Qualities: Integrity, Energy, Intelligence • Kindness & Caring attitude • Strong communication skills (Active Listening, Verbal & Oral communication) • Mindset (Aiming high, Openness, Team oriented) • Leadership qualities (Problem solving, Critical thinking, Systematic thinking) • Management Skills (Planning, Recruiting, Result-Oriented) Hard skills: • At least 5 years of experience in management positions • Deep understanding of major business concepts (leadership, Strategy, Accounting, HR, Marketing,)

Job Category

Employement type:

  • Full Time

Job Category

Employement type:

  • Full Time

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