DBA Pars Tamin Navid Rayaneh

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Posted 9 months ago

Job Description

-Uses software to organize and maintain data such as financial information, customer information, inventory information, and other information that is worth keeping and categorizing -Makes the data available to some users, and is inaccessible to some. For example, a software that keeps track of your mobile phone numbers and when needed, based on your opinion, definitely uses a powerful database -A database specialist or database expert specializes and Knowledge is very high in working with computer software, especially software development and development of databases


-At least 1 year of work experience in Data Base Enterprise Admin -The Oracle Database Expert is dominated by Oracle Data base and related software, including SQL Server Enterprise -Ability to program with Imports and Exports -Familiar with the basic concepts of RDBMS systems -Familiar with Toning Configuration Database in environments with a high number of users and high connectivity