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Job Description

•Main Objective: We are looking for a passionate individual who is willing to deep dive into Fakour's existing text data consisting of more than 5 million messages per day and build a scalable question answering systems across multiple domains using Natural Language Processing, ML and deep learning. •Main Responsibilities: -Drive the research and innovation at Haptik in result-oriented direction -Come up with new approaches and ideas to improve the current performance of ChatBots across multiple domains and build highly personalized user experience -Research and prototype new algorithms using the combination of NLP and ML -Benchmark the prototype on Fakour’s Data to gain required precision -Perform in-depth analysis of failure points of algorithm -Help machine learning team to scale models for multiple domains with help of DevOps, backend and frontend teams


-Over 2 years of industry experience or Post graduation with 1+ years of research experience in Machine Learning -Experience working on a variety of Datasets which includes text, images and other logs or clickstreams. -Fundamentals of Natural Language processing with proven experience working with text data in industry or research lab. -Experience in modern Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing / Natural Language Understanding (NLP, NLU), including Neural Networks, CNNs, RNNs, seq2seq+attention models, and real world machine learning in TensorFlow (incl. regularization, cross-validation, dropout) -Knowledge and experience in non-deep machine learning models, including regression, classification, and clustering algorithms. -Proficient at programming in Python -Personal or professional projects on deep learning is a bonus -Sense of responsibility -Strong communication skills -Self-starter willing to learn things on the fly

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